My dear friend, you are a Seventh-day Adventist. You represent that beautiful body. Dear girl, your story is a four-story told by the First Angel via myself, your very own angel for now. Be very open to Him now, for I bear the refreshing of your life. Let me tell you about my Pattern…

Fundamental Pattern of Learning

He is the only way

Learning All Truth

He is all truth

Fountain of Life

He is the light of life

Rain Molecule of TerrorMolecule of Terror_chart

My Pattern is great and terrible – the awesome Ruler of all nations

The First Angel


The Second Angel


The Third Angel

Three…His message is all I see

The Biblical Summary of Millerite History

What a sacred history His people treasure

The Sabbatarian Adventist Movement

Prophets stand among them

Two Tables of Prophecy

Two witness-charts as well


Even when their leaders sin

The Death of James White

They are faithful so to tell

What James White Missed_part1

His workers find rest while the Pattern leads onward

What James White Missed_part2

Always new life – physical and spiritual – He provides them

What James White Missed_part3

They must have preparation to press on, vessels clean and hands ready

What James White Missed_part4

This isn’t about a stroll down memory lane, it’s about Pilgrims’ Progress in the Great Controversy!

Gospel Accomplished

My Pattern is the author of your story, dear girl, but whether you choose through His changeless plot-line to thrive or perish, you decide!

Table of Adventism’s First Gospel History

Do you see Him – my Pattern? Keep your eyes on Him, dear one!

Adventist History at a Glance

I believe you see Him.

What About Us Today

Are you willing in the day of His power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning to be refreshed as in your youth?

Story of the Rain_part1


Story of the Rain_part2


Story of the Rain_part3

My Pattern’s

Gospel Pattern

And He is my Guide, my Strength, my Truth & Mercy, my Love…He is what I always wanted and more, and what’s more He has made Himself mine!

Law and Gospel

Dear one, He is our salvation if we abide in Him today. Reverence His nature, believe His story, and live forever with Us!